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I'm Alive! I'm alive and to prove it here is a bunch of the stuff I have edited. I intend to get a writer's web page soon where I can post all these things in a format more my own choosing, but until then…Deviant Art! I'm continuing work on the novel as well as some  short story projects, so make sure to watch and follow me as I be posting quotes and pieces here and there.

Until then, however, I have come back to my roots to gather up my beloved old and treasured new with tales of criminal werewolf misadventure!

For those who don't know; Lillium Lupus: The Nearly True Confessions is the first in book series which will be either two or three books long. It is an autobiography penned by the leader of the "werewolf equality movement" Geoff M. Malone detailing the rise and perhaps the eventual fall of Paris' most dangerous criminal mastermind.

OH LOOK! It's a link to my Tumblr!! -->


Lillium Lupus: The Nearly True Confessions


Chapter 1: A Proper Introduction:

Chapter 2: Le Vie:

Chapter 3: Misery Loves Company:

Chapter 4: La Grand Cruaute:

Chapter 5: The Queen of the Night:

Chapter 6: Adam and Eve:

Chapter 7: Fiddler's Disease:


Undedited Chapters (only read if you've gotten through the others and simply can't wait.)


Our Lady of Laperdo: [link]

The Lambs of Laperdo: [link]

Two Sides of a Sickness: [link]

Divided: [link]

Pornography and Bank Robbery: [link]

First Business: [link]

Minor Setbacks: [link]

Soup, Sepulchres and a Seizure: [link]

The Marriage of Sampson and Delilah: [link]

Rabble King and the Notorious Mister Scratch: [link]

Édouard: [link]

Skull and Cross Spoons: [link]

Blood Come Before Reason pt. 1: [link]

Blood Come Before Reason pt. 2: [link]

Silver Bullet: [link]

Gunthunder: [link]

Playing Like A Butcher: [link]

Good versus Me: [link]

Return to the Ugly Couch: [link]

--------------------Pieces of Subsequent Novels!:-------------------------------

Otis: [link]

Everything He Touches: [link]

Moth and Flame: [link]

Lillium Lupus related writings (thus, of interest)

"Old Vice": (the old second chapter) [link]

"Rhoth and Geoff on: Wives" (a favorite of many): [link]

"Rhoth and Geoff on: Lies" (Entertaing but unfinished): [link]

"Rhoth on: Geoff" (part of a series not likely to be finished): [link]

"Marcel Malone; rexamined" (a better look at this character and precursor to an edit of 'How Now, Messiah): [link]

"Meeting at the Cross-roux" (Fun! Satan meets Geoff.): [link]

Flowers (recently demoted from part of another novel to side project. It harkens back to a time when I didn't think I would use Renget as a killer.): [link]

"Mirovi - Arctic Wolf" (A description of Renget LeVer's wolf form): [link]

"Premeditations; By Dougie 'DaggerWrist' Ducharme" (Everything it promices and more): [link]

"Good man, Bad Shooter" (a short dialogue about nothing much): [link]

"What's my motivation?" (a snipet of Geoff's moral philosophy): [link]

"Skull and Cross Spoons" (to be rewritten as an actual chapter): [link]

"What's in a name?" (It's just a list of character names): [link]

"A Love Poem For Lydia" (Ah, to be the object of his affections.): [link]

"A Discourse on Droogs" (Feed the obsession): [link]

"We Share Everything" (A children's book written by Geoff): [link]

A History of Vice (original version of Old Vice): [link]

Dark Eyes (original chapter 2): [link]

DaggerWrist (original chapter 3): [link]

How Now, Messiah? (original chapter 5): [link]

An Intoduction (the old version): [link]

"..." (an untitled bad chapter that isn't worth reading. Don't go here.): [link]

A Night's Goings On (original chapter 4): [link]

Fiddler's Disease (original version): [link]

The Good Shepherd (original version of "Our Lady of Laperdo". See what happens when I try and do flat characters?!): [link]

An Introduction -- In Vino (the second version but still bad): [link]

Edouard (the old version now improved): [link]

An Attic of Magpies (older version of Le Vie): [link]

A Proper Introduction: [link]

Le Vie Dans le Vieux Voisinage: [link]

Ciggy-wiggs and memmories: [link]

La Grande Cruaute: [link]

The Last Dream: [link]

Adam and Eve (needs severe editting): [link]

The Fiddler's Disease: [link]

Looking at LeVers: [link]

All Characters and general foolishness is © myself
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